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Elite Feet - Petite feet
Petite Feet (Suitable for        2.5-5 year olds)
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Nipper (Ideal for 5-7
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Elite Technique (Aimed
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Chelsea Football Club Academy, Egypt & Partnerships

Elite Feet F.C.
As well as working with the CHELSEA FC DEVELOPMENT CENTRE to provide young gifted and talented players with the opportunity to develop their skills in a professional football club environment, ELITEFEET are also working with the CHELSEA FC ACADEMY EGYPT, CAIRO.

Starting in July 2011 and now on a quarterly basis, Daniel Larner (Company Owner and Head of Development) and the Elite Feet team travels to Egypt to deliver a courses designed to teach Egyptian Coaching Candidates at CAE how to introduce young children aged 2.5-5.5 years to the wonderful game of football.

As per the Elite Feet philosophy, introducing children to sports at this age is extremely important, and creating an association between a 'ball' and 'fun' at this early age give players the opportunity to start the game early, and develop a passion for years to come... if not the rest of their lives!

Working closely with Academy Technical Director, David Al Basha and the CAE development team, each course starts with 30 candidates.

The courses include various modules and exciting exercises in not only the sort of games and philosophies that should be applied when teaching this age group, but also a greater understanding of how children learn and develop at this age.

Each participant takes part in an assessment where they delivered sessions planned with all course modules in mind. The courses end with the strongest participants passing the course, ready to deliver sessions.

Elite Feet and CFC Academy Egypt

All candidates express their delight in receiving new skills in a course that is thoroughly enjoyable to attend, and it is mentioned time and time again that their enthusiasm and hunger to continually develop had been enhanced by getting a further understanding of session management in working with Daniel and the Elite Feet Development team.

Here's what some of the candidates thought:

"I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of a very enriching unique coaching experience. I truly enjoyed every moment of the 5 day course, and I have learnt more about myself and of my capabilities.I would like to thank Daniel for providing all candidates the chance to learn a unique skill through his games. I believe that Egypt does need such calibre and professionalism to deliver a healthy program to the future leaders of this world" - Nadine Wasfi, Course Participant

Elite Feet at CFC Academy Egypt

"In only five days I learned what I thought that I need months or may be years to learn, Daniel not only taught us how to deal with kids or how to handle their issues, but he taught us how to do this with passion & how to love what we do." Mohamed Galal, Course Participant

" My decision to join the course was mainly influenced by the enthusiastic and charismatic introduction of the course I received from Mr.Larner. Mr. Larner later confirmed my first impression throughout the duration of the course on each of the following 5 days. Aside from the excellent presentation of the material, the course work, practical examples and getting me very involved in the course, Mr Larner was dedicated to setting each one of the participants of the course to success. He presented the material in a very organized manner. He remained always enthusiastic triggering our interest and assuring that we remain enthusiastic and committed to learning. His team building skills are unmatched. The learning environment was very positive, based on building the foundations of a strong team. I believe that he brought out a side of each one of us that we didn't even know existed. The problem solving methods, games, continious feedback, and assessments kept me informed of what my strengths and weaknesses are, how to enhance my strengths and work around my weaknesses. He was also very professional, understanding, respectful, and culturally sensitive. If I were to rate my overall experience with this course, I would say it's an easy 10 out of 10" Sara Tabana, Course Participant

Elite Feet and CFC Academy Egypt

Elite Feet and CFC Academy Egypt

We're very proud of the partnerships we have, and the work we do with all of our partner organisations.  We're pleased to say that we're making changes and opportunities not just here, but also where football isn't necessarily the number one sport.  Our promise is to continue to develop players in the way that we do, and also perpetually develop not only the coaching staff within Elite Feet Football Development, but also as part of our links with our fantastic partners and friends around the footballing world.... Nobody Does It Better!!

To find our more please contact us HERE or send us an email!!

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Extended Schools Partnership

Working with Schools to provide opportunities...

Elite Feet currently hold good relationships with various Extended School Consortiums. These are groups of proactive schools who want to offer more activities inside and outside of school time to help children get access to developmental activities and initiatives.

Working in cohesion with each consortium we try to find gaps in schools where offering of session is limited. We try to work ways in which we, and the consortium can fund and subsidise where necessary, and ultimately maximise the number of children and parents taking part in sports and exercise.

Elite Feet F.C.

We currently offer the following activities through our consortiums:

  • Parent and Player sessions - A session providing advice, ideas and fun for playing together to keep the average trip to the park developmental, challenging, competetive and fun!
  • After School clubs - Clubs that children can attend straight from school to gain extra skills, exercise, and again... Fun!
  • School Holiday Clubs - Courses that mean that the holidays aren't wasted in front of Nintendo Wii.  the courses are a great opportunity to try a new skill, or meet new friends... and guess what?.... HAVE FUN!!

We currently have great relationships with the following consortiums, and work with them as a football services provider:

  • St Albans (West)
  • St Albans (South)
  • Potters Bar
  • Churchgate (Broxbourne area) 

If you are part of a consortium and would like to find out what we can offer and help with, or if you're a parent and want to know if your childs school is part of an Extended schools group please do not hesitate to contact us using the following details:

EMAIL - info@elitefeetfootball.co.uk
OFFICE - 020 8344 2044

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